Friday, 27 September 2019

Market Day

I wonder if my group is going to make any money at the market day?

My product is created by lollies and tap and paper.

My Teams product will cost 6$.

My group's product was created by Levi Josh Tuamelie and pila.

First: We need Tap Lollies Cellophane.

Next: You have to start By getting the lollies and putting it into the cellophane.

My goal is going to aim over 50$.

This is my group Buy that product the people in my group josh levi pila semisi Tuamelie and Noah

First my friend Pila and I were changing the money into Wesley money and lots of people brought in lots of notes. We couldn't believe it. I kind of felt like a rich banker.

Next: Pila and I were still doing our job and the line just got bigger and bigger. It was as long as an anaconda. But Miss Bound rushed like a racing car to go and get more Wesley money.

Then, Pila and I went on a break. Then, I went to my mum and she gave me some of the Wesley money and my brother's and dad were there. 

Wow! There was so much to buy. I brought one of Johns banana smoothies. It tasted like vanilla icecream. I would give it a 7/10.

Finally, my group made $69 selling lolly leis. But because we brought expensive lollies. We ended up only get $1.00 profit each. We were still happy though.

My mum said "you still did amazing!" and she took my whole family up the Sky Tower for a special treat. 

Next time I would make sure we got cheaper lollies so we could make more profit.